About us!

Bored with retail automotive repairs, I decided it was time to create things, rather than just repair them back to original design. Over the years, I've seen the same factory engineering mistakes time an again. Repairing these failed systems began to bore and frustrate me. I made the decision  to start my own company with the intent of not just repairing broken parts, but fabricating and re-engineering the failing factory systems to be better than when they rolled off the assembly line. 

Let’s face it, you can’t pump out tens of thousands of the same vehicle and expect perfect quality control or the highest quality materials due to costs.  Not to mention, technology constantly updates and outdates older vehicles. Whether your vehicle is old and you want it to handle and run with the reliability of a modern car or you want to push your vehicle past the intentions of its designers, we can do that. Each build is as unique as it’s driver. 

No matter what the application, hitting track, the trails or just a Sunday drive, let us customize your ride into a one of a kind representation of you and your style. 

The only shortcut taken at our shop is through the apex of a racetrack corner.