Performance Modifications

Repairing vehicles inevitably leads to improving and upgrading vehicles.  Performance starts with a vision that we build from the ground up.  With input from the customer as well as blending knowledge from motorsports and industry backgrounds, we can achieve that vision while always maintaining the delicate balance of performance and reliability. 


Exhaust bending

After years of running the family exhaust franchise, the one job that broke up the monotony of daily repairs was bending custom exhaust. Even a simple repair could require complex geometry and a complete exhaust on a custom hot rod chassis requires nothing but vision and imagination. Give me two points, a beginning and end, and regardless of what’s in between, I’ll get a pipe in there. 



Fabrication is the fundamental core of what we specialize in. To serve any purpose, need or desire, it takes only an idea and we can bring that to life. Because no matter for what purpose, the process remains the same.


Design: Whether to improve upon an existing design or to create something unique for a custom, one off application, every project starts with a rough design that can evolve as the project starts to take shape.   

Render: Computer programs paint a picture, but we don’t live in a digital world and sometimes fitment and style can only be seen and felt, not clicked and typed. Mocking up parts before final manufacturing is a must in order to get a real feel and view of how its going to look and function in the real world. 

Build: Having access to all different materials, including metals like aluminum, mild and stainless steel, as well as acrylics like polycarbonate, fiberglass and carbon fibre, we can help select the proper fit for your project based on specifications and intended use.



Utilizing a variety of equipment and techniques, we are able to weld most any materials, whether from our fabrication department or bought off the shelf. Tubing from DOM for roll cages to thin wall stainless header primaries and even custom intercooler piping. Plate and sheet metal, both mild and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.  Any two pieces of metal you want stuck together, we’ll find a way.  



The foundation for any shop to modify a vehicle must be the ability to first bring it back to a state of repair that is a safe platform to begin with.  Having been in the industry for years, and holding multiple ASE certifications, we are prepared and able to repair and maintain any type of vehicle on or off the road today.